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for Animals lovers

Eco-volunteering with elephants

Our courses for eco-volunteers are for animal lovers who want to know and share the daily life of elephants and bring them well-being.

During your stay at ELEPHANT CARE THAILAND as a volunteer, we'll show you how to take care of our elephants, and how to give them the love they deserve. It does not take long for you to realize the uniqueness of each of our residents and be touched by their personalities.

Because of the variety of tasks and activities within the refuge, you can discover many facets of the lives of elephants. You will learn the basics to become a mahout, daily tasks and methods to be understood by elephants and share moments with the animals.But you can also bring your knowledge that could help the development of Refuge with the same objective: improving the life of elephants in Thailand and preserve the race.

As a volunteer, all the information useful to your mission will be provided by your head of mission and by all the staff: elephant care, the terms used to listen to you, their nutritional needs ....

You will work with one of the largest and oldest animals in the world.

By learning to take care of them, feed them, play and swim with them, you have the chance to create a unique relationship with each of them and be convinced of the importance of contributing to their survival.

Moreover, you will understand that your financial contribution as a volunteer, directly benefits elephants.

In fact, it costs 1,000 baht per day to feed a single elephant. It must then ensure veterinary care, the camp management (which remains a place of refuge for elephants and offers them a sustainable future), and of course, pay the mahouts who usually spend their entire lives with them.

By engaging in our eco-volunteering internships, you will contribute directly to preventing the extinction of elephants. We are committed to providing you a unique and unforgettable experience

Volunteering 7 days / 6 nights

Start at 08.00 am on Day 1

Departure at 16.30 pm on Day 7

Meals and Accommodation included

Rate: 10,000.00 Bahts




Volunteering 14 days / 13 nights

Start at 08.00 am on Day 1

Departure at 16.30 pm on Day 14

Meals and Accommodation included

Rate: 18,000.00 Bahts



Volunteering 30 days / 29 nights

Start at 08.00 am on Day 1

Departure at 16.30 pm on Day 30

Meals and Accommodation included

Rate: 30,000.00 Bahts

Your daily life:

Feed the elephants

Give them care

To walk with them in nature

Bathing them in the Kwai River

Moisturize them in the mud baths

Prepare dietary supplements

Cut bananas and herbs in the wild to feed them

Clean the plots where they live

Learn the trade of mahout

And for long-term volunteers:

Participate in one-off projects to improve camp life

Get subsidies

 Raise awareness of the general public to our goal so that all the elephants of Thailand can leave the traditional touristic circuit!

Welcome participants to discovery programs

Animate these programs

Create objects for sale to meet the needs of the shelter

Improve the camp for all its boarders, men and elephants!

Possibility to set up and realize your personal project.

And of course, give all your love to our great animals who will give you just as much.

Accommodation on the site, shared bungalow for 2 or 3 people.

Toilets and shared showers.

Meals taken on the camp with the staff ..

The first day, pick up and transfer from Kanchanaburi or Saiyok Noi included.

The last day, transfer to the nearest bus station or train.

You will enjoy a "free" day per week if you wish to relax or visit the region.

These courses are accessible to all adults.

Ability to accommodate adolescents from 16 years if a legal responsable is present on the territory.


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