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Terms & Conditions

of sales

The following terms and conditions govern the relationship between ELEPHANT CARE THAILAND, Kanchanaburi, and its customers.

1. Rates

Rates quoted are in Thai baht and are valid until December 31, 2020.

2. Reservations - Payments

Reservations are made online via the website www.elephantcare-thailand.com or by telephone at the Office.

The reservation is effective after the payment of a deposit of 30% of the total amount. After payment of the deposit, an email will be sent to you, confirming the effective reservation and the date of participation.

All bank charges related to payment transactions are the responsibility of the customer.

3. Liability

The responsibility of ELEPHANT CARE THAILAND can not be held in case of accident occurring during the practice of sports activities. Whether this activity is done in isolation or in the company of a person employed by ELEPHANT CARE THAILAND.

For any incident, accident or in case of local difficulties resulting in personal injury, material or moral obliging ELEPHANT CARE THAILAND, in the interests of the participants, to modify or cancel its services, ELEPHANT CARE THAILAND can not be held responsible. Similarly ELEPHANT CARE THAILAND can not be held responsible for cases of force majeure, fortuitous events or because of anyone outside the organization or conduct of services.

4. Cancellation

In the event of external events beyond its control, ELEPHANT CARE THAILAND reserves the right to modify the services or cancel the courses. The sums paid for internships or formulas will then be fully reimbursed; the customer can not claim any compensation.

In case of total or partial cancellation due to the customer, ELEPHANT CARE THAILAND does not refund the deposit paid, but the deposit may be postponed for a future reservation (within 2 years).