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dedicated to the welfare of elephants

Why a New Elephant shelter ?

During the last 30 years, Elephants of Thailand who no longer worked in the exploitation of the forests, were used in tourism activities. Indeed, many travelers dreamed at the time to be photographed on the back of an elephant to be able to show their "feat" to their entourage. Thai people have therefore responded to this demand by creating elephant camps where everyone can come and take a ride on their backs or sit in a chair. Living conditions and training methods to make this wild animal, a domestic animal, have often been detrimental to elephants..

In recent years, there is an awakening of universal awareness of the condition of the animals. The Thais themselves have made enormous progress on the treatment of elephants living in captivity .... But that's not enough !

Today, just see the elephants wander, give them some fruits and if possible touch them, is enough to fill us with emotion as they are imposing and majestic.

It is for this purpose that this new space is dedicated to them and is dedicated to you, because without you and your contribution, there is no refuge for elephants, and few money to feed and care for them.

An domesticated elephant or born in captivity, like any other animal, can no longer return to the wild to live freely.

And the few elephants that still live in the wild, see their territories diminished over the years, due to the development of cities, deforestation to increase the area of crops, and the development of tourist complexes. They approach cities and fields to feed themselves, unaware of the danger they run for themselves and that they can also represent for the population.

  We must therefore ensure that they live as best as possible in the company of men

Elephant Care Thailand, it is:


  • 52 hectares of land where elephants can roam
  • Access to the Kwai Noi River for swimming and hydration when they need it.
  • A mud pool to protect the skin of elephants
  • Giant showers to wash them
  • A secure "clinic" to provide the necessary care
  • Large enclosures for elephants
  • A space for welcoming visitors
  • An outdoor space for briefings on the history and anatomy of elephants
  • A "museum" to inform you about the history of elephants in Thailand and their anatomy

This new place will allow its managers to welcome elephants of existing camps, and offer them a better life.

This is a long-term transformation, which can not be done overnight but,

  the fate of these old animals 60 million years ago, is in the hands of Man

  and now is the time to act!

This is what every day, Sudaporn, Yanwiet and Sebastien, officials of ELEPHANT CARE THAILAND.


63 years - Thailand

It was when she met her husband, employed in a camp, that she started rubbing elephants more than 40 years ago.

In 1985, she bought 3 elephants and opened her first camp in Chaiyaphum province. Then, in 2010, she took over the MAHAWANGCHANG Elephant Camp, then in distress. which has now become one of the largest parks in the region, with 30 Elephants being treated well.

It is thanks to the results of programs implemented by Sébastien for 5 years, and an opportunity to take an old closed camp, she decided to carry with him and Yanwit his old friend, the project ELEPHANT CARE THAILAND.  


49 years - Thailand

After several years as a tour guide, and witnessing abuse in a minority of elephant camps, Yanwit decided to dedicate his life to improving the living conditions of pachyderms. In 2013, with financial help from friends, he opened his own elephant shelter in Chiang Mai, ELEPHANT RETIREMENT PARK with 2 elephants to start. On the advice and with the help of SUDAPORN, who will entrust him with 3 other elephants, he will then go to PHUKET to help realize the same, but larger, concept. He also directs the ELEPHANT SANCTUARY ASIA FOUNDATION Foundation, which raises funds to realize different projects, to replace old or abused elephants, to educate the younger generation, to finance veterinary fees ..... Today, at the same time, he participates in the creation and management of ELEPHANT CARE THAILAND.


44 years - France

It was during a trip to Thailand and a meeting with elephants that Sébastien decided to leave his Parisian life to settle in the Kanchanaburi region and surround himself with many animals. In 2014, he met Sudaporn, who will trust him to develop her camp and organize the first programs to take care of elephants on the label ELEPHANT EARTH kanchanaburi.

The opening of ELEPHANT CARE THAILAND is the culmination of 5 years of work and passion to transmit to tourists the truth about the current condition of elephants in Thailand and make them live exceptional moments in the company of elephants. It is on his advice that SUDAPORN has made the decision to dedicate this new place to the "freedom" of elephants. Sebastien is today the head of programs and volunteers.